Shipping & Returns within the EU

Shipping costs within the EU

When ordering
and delivery of goods within the EU (Romania is excluded) list the following fees:

Package up to 1 kg - 11,00 € (trackable)

up to 2 kg - 16,00 € (trackable)

Package over 2 kg to 10 kg - € 21.00 (trackable)

All goods will be shipped with insurance. Please therefore check the goods on receipt for shipping damage and claim them from the driver. Do this in any case be confirmed in writing. Without written permission of the driver a damages claim against the insurance company can not be! We are not liable for damage caused during transport! If you are not sure, take the program "corrupt" as to.

Please contact us prior to any unconditional return of goods. In return, the shipping costs may not be higher than those that have been provided by us will be charged. Please send the goods are not returned and freight, special place a postage evidence in (the postage will be refunded to the credit). Forwarding Shipping costs are generally reimbursed for our part only proven errors. Freight collect returns will be accepted!

In Europe, all fees:

countries where the goods are to be delivered
shipment weight
Shipping Suppliers

be dependent

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