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Pain in the joints doesn’t allow doing your favorite sport. Easy work is hard. Changes of the weather affect the general well-being and mood. Health begins to trouble and does not allow being well. Even worse, if the relatives are sick and you do not know how to help them. What to do? The eternal question!


Today, the Internet offers thousands of ways how to use different ways or exposure to healers to get rid of the annoying disease. Proposals - lots! So is there an effective way to help you and your relatives’ health?

Modern bio-light (biophotons) products are a new word in technology and medicine, and widely spread all over the world.  In practice it was possible to combine the ancient knowledge and experience of traditional Chinese medicine with the phenomenon of bio-light emission, known in quantum physics and provides biological connections in the human body.

 What does a person get if he uses HuaShen bio-light products:

  • Protecting the body from the harmful effects of the environment

  • Removal of pain and inflammatory processes

  • Improving blood circulation in the tissues and vessels

  • Improving of cerebral circulation

  • Increasing of oxygen saturation in all body’s cells

  • Improving of psychic health, strengthening of the nervous system

  • Enhance immunity

  • Activation of self-healing and regeneration processes in the human body

  • Prevention of a lot of diseases

  • Retardation of growing age process

  • Improving the overall physical health of the human body

The human body using bio-light products can control all metabolic processes  and the exchange of information between cells with the light velocity.

Normal healthy cells in our human body emit as a rule, a small number of photons. Unhealthy cells or cells with certain disorders have significant increasing of photoemission (bio-light emission). In extreme cases, it can lead to the "energy death" of the cells.

Bio-light product 
are able to provide each defective cell of our body with the necessary energy for its better functioning. As a result, the cell recovers its former functions and performance.  

People who use bio-light therapy can get not only rapid medical health but also an effective way of prevention of a great number of diseases.

Bio-light products are produced by a multi-layer coating of fine non-crystalline particles of Tibetan medicinal plants on a cotton cloth or other supply.

These nanoparticles come into a contact with human body cells, and then they are activated and emit super weak bio-light emission in the infrared spectrum in the range of from 5 to 25 microns. These particles of herbs are called the HuaShen Corporation bio-light as they can emit biophotons (particles of light) when activated.




The HuaShen Corporation  uses up to 56 varieties of Tibetan medicinal plants in different combinations to produce the bio-light products. Each combination depends on the organ or the place on a human body that are subjected to this bio-light therapy. The best of their medical properties are kept thanks to a special method of cryogenic plant materials processing.



The bio-light therapy, if you wear HuaShen Corporation products, - is safe, painless and has no side effects. It doesn’t poison our human bodies like other remedies. You needn’t  change the rhythm and style of life. You can use this products at home, at work, at school, during your travelling, dreaming and wakefulness.

Therefore, bio-light products should be in every home!


The assortment of goods produced by the HuaShen Corporation:
  • Cloths with bio-light material support the health and activate self-healing process in a human body

  • Protective products that enhance the vitality of the body and provide good health

  • Water vitalizator, changing the properties of the water, turning it into the treatment,giving it the properties of melt water

  • Cosmetics and hygiene products, prolonging youth and beauty of a person

  • Nutritional supplements and wellness teas from Chinese and Tibetan herbs



All HuaShen Corporation products developed in combine with the traditional Chinese medicine knowledge are manufactured on the base of the most advanced nano-technology.

All of our biophotons products can be used effectively for 3 years. 









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